The Bail Process

One of the biggest questions that we get is how the Bail Bonds process works. So we decided that it would be best to create a page specifically dedicated to how this process works. So below is the 5 steps in this process:

  1. Your friend or loved one allegedly commits a crime and gets arrested. At this point law enforcement will transport him/her to the local jail.
  2. Once they arrival at the jail, the correction officers will begin the booking process. The booking process usually takes around 5 hours to complete.
  3. You, as the inmates friend or loved one, picks up the phone and calls us to start the paperwork to release them.
  4. Once we drop off the necessary paperwork at the jail, they will begin the process to release your friend or loved one. The release process can take between 4 to 6 hours.
  5. Your friend or loved one will be permitted to make a phone call 30 minutes prior to their release to secure a ride home.

No matter what bail company you go with, make sure you read ALL paperwork before signing it and if there is something that you don't think looks right or you don't understand be sure to ask the bondsman you are working with. There should always be an open and honest line of communication between you and the bondsman... and they should not try to hide anything from you in the Bail Process.

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